Blind Ballet Company Fernanda Bianchini

Saturday 9.07.2016
75 min
Polski Theatre, Jerzy Grabowski Stage, Gabrieli Zapolskiej 3, Wrocław


35/30* PLN (I seats)

30/25* PLN (II seats)

*discount ticket
Main programme

Everyone's astounded to hear that there exists a professional blind ballet group. But it is true. It has been performing in Brazil for over 20 years! Fernanda Bianchini, a dancer and psychotherapist, is its creator. Blind Ballet Company is based in São Paulo and is the only classical dance group of this kind in the world.

The group performs under the Fernanda Bianchini Association of Ballet and Arts, which runs free-of-charge classical ballet, ballroom dancing, step dance, music and theater courses for people of any age with any kind of physical or mental impairment. It acts as a form of therapy for people who, due do their impairments, often require support in finding their place within society. It is also a way of learning a profession. Many of the Association's students are now professional group dancers. However, learning dancing on a professional level takes at least 10 years. During performances professional dancers are accompanied by course attendees.

Bianchini is the author of this pioneering method of dance lessons for the visually impaired based on the physical perception of movement, imitation of instructor's actions by touch and the support of verbal cues.

– At some point I understood that I need to enter the world of the visually impaired to understand their limitations – says Fernanda. In order to explain the lightness of movement that the dancers need to achieve, she gives them palm leaves.

What is interesting, some of the instructors are also visually impaired and the courses are popular among the healthy who are fascinated by the phenomenon of Bianchini's school.

– Our impairments become our advantages – says Fernanda Bianchini during one of the interviews.  – My dancers perceive the world through their hearts and prove that it is possible to overcome any obstacle and prejudice.

Her dancers astonish the audiences with their skills and perfection of movements so much that some of the spectators, previously unaware that they were watching ballet performed by visually impaired dancers, are left completely shocked by the revelation.

Many professional dancers came to São Paulo to admire their performances, for example Mikhail Baryshnikov, the Russian National Ballet group, and also David Parson's American modern dance group.

Ballet's repertoire consists of some classic ballets, e.g. “Copélia” (2009), “Don Quixote” (2011), “Sleeping Beauty” (2012) and “Paquita” (2014).  The group is being invited to dance festivals all across the world and even took part in the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. 

During the Brave Festival in Poland we will see them perform “Divertissements” (2007) with various solo and group-based dancing and musical forms, as well as fragments of their usual ballet repertoire.