The Long Night

Sunday 10.07.2016
Lower Silesia Film Centre, room Lwów

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dir. Janusz Nasfeter, Poland, 1967/1989, 78 min.

Year 1943. German occupants declare a state of emergency in a small town in eastern Poland. Korsak the metal-worker (played by Józef Duriasz) has a lot to fear – not only does he equip the partisans stationed in the local forest with weapons, but he also hides a Jew in the basement. When the other residents of his building learn about it, everyone starts to be driven by fear. Korsak experiences contrasting attitudes and the surge of emotions which lead to fierce struggles between the people who used to be close to each other. Far from showing any propaganda, this intimate film, The Long Night, which is yet so filled with tension, has been recognized as Janusz Nasfeter's greatest work. The film was made before the Jew hunt in March 1968. That is why, because of the way it presents the subject of Jews, it was shelved by the authorities. Eventually, its premiere had to wait until the political system transition.

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