Big father, small father and other stories

Sunday 10.07.2016
Lower Silesia Film Centre, room Lwów

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dir. Dang Di Phan, Vietnam, Denmark, France, Germany, 2015, 102 min.

Vietnam, the late 90s. Vu from the suburbs is studying photography in Ho Chi Minh. In the countryside his father is trying to make him marry a local beauty, to finally "make a man of him." In town the boy, through the lens of the camera, is peeping on the dangerous life of his room mate Thang and dancers in nightclubs. He is becoming increasingly torn – just like the country undergoing change – between traditional values and modern trends. Director Phan Dang Di uses the medium of photography not only to show the beauty of the Mekong Delta and the sensuality of the vibrant urban jungle, but also as a metaphor for the main character’s search. He focuses on the alarming social phenomena of sterilisation. While the elders are pushing for an extension of the family line, young people are prepared to give up this opportunity for a few pennies. The film is based on real events – during the population explosion two decades ago, the Vietnamese authorities started paying men for sterilization to control the birth rate.