They Will Have To Kill Us First

Tuesday 5.07.2016
Lower Silesia Film Centre, room Warszawa

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dir. Johanna Schwartz, Great Britain, 2015, 105 min.

The history of music in Mali has over one thousand years of tradition related to the griot tradition, which uses stories and sounds to keep the memory alive. The sharia law became a threat to this tradition, as its radical version was instituted in the northern part of the country after the civil war of 2012. All music was banned, radio stations were shut down – for a culture, where sounds accompany people at every step of their lives and are the basis of education, this was a strike compared by Johanna Schwartz’s documentary’s characters to the impossibility to breathe. The music prohibition was present at places such as Timbuktu and Gao, where the British director goes with her camera, showing different resistance strategies of truly brave artists. Some of them get involved in actions at refugee camps, others plan emigration. Among the documentary’s character, we will see members of the Songhoy Blues band, which gained its international publicity by the Music in Exile record.

Film with English subtitles.