Friday 20.07.2018
running time:
45 min
IMPART, Mazowiecka 17

35*/40 PLN

Main programme

Coming from different cultures and practicing different styles, the dancers who visited Brave Festival in 2014 will again present their double performance at the festival. Each will present her own programme, finishing the show with a joint improvisation which will cross the rigid borders of dance conventions. 
The idea for this year’s project was created on the basis of a joint and spontaneous dance improvisation of the two artists which took place at the end of the meeting during the 10th Brave Festival. Back then those few electrifying minutes delighted and moved the audience. The subtle dance and deep understanding between the dancers from different cultures, who treat movement in completely different ways, confirmed that the body can be a wonderful medium of communication. Impressed by this event, the organizers decided to present the artists’ individual projects with a finale in the form of a joint performance this year.
A leading artiste of the classical Indian dance bharatanatyam – Rama Vaidyanathan – will first present her solo performance with four accompanists. This dance, once performed in temples, combines dynamic presentation with static poses, and is always accompanied by music performed on traditional instruments and singing which comments on the choreography. For twenty five years the artist invited to Wrocław has been studying this dance practice of religious roots and is considered one of the best bharatanatyam dancers in India. 
The solo programme of Mélanie Lomoff, award-winning French dancer and choreographer of modern dance, will in turn use processed motifs from classical ballet dance on pointe. The artist wishes to show the process of building a hybrid language of choreography, combining seemingly mis-matched elements (classical ballet and modern dance). She was inspired by various experiences from her own artistic career, as well as her emotional connection with music selected especially for the show. 

Finishing their performances with a joint improvisation, the dancers will investigate and celebrate two different “grammars” of dance and try to find common ground for dance. As Rama says, they will do it to enrich each other with their artistic searches and reach a “state of mutual love, peace and harmony”. The meeting of these two different artistic worlds brings a moment of closeness between two different women, stories, cultures and personalities. It is a process during which the differences overlap and intertwine both visibly and invisibly. Mélanie: It is a true dialogue in dance, a union of two lonely beings which allowed us to get closer to each other. An invisible bond was created, which means dance, movement, as well as a union of body and heart. 

A recording of a joint performance of Mélanie Lomoff and Ramy Vaidyanathan during the 10th edition of Brave Festival: