LOS PAVEROS POR LA TIERRA | I will tell you a story

Wednesday 18.07.2018
running time:
60 min
Polski Theatre - Świebodzki Stage, Orląt Lwowskich Square 20c

35*/40 PLN 

Main programme

The dwellers of the Colombian village of Las Pavas have been using their songs for years to peacefully defend themselves against the powerful concerns producing palm oil on an industrial scale. The farmers sing the story about the loss of the land that feeds them and about the violence they have experienced from the powerful of this world.
Known in Colombia and outside its borders as Los Paveros, from the name of their village, they stood up for themselves – by singing songs of resistance using traditional instruments. They showed how powerful the powerless can be and the world heard them. Their home country of Colombia is the biggest palm oil producer in Latin America, and landowners and corporations earn fortunes selling it. They “gobble up” large pieces of land, clear forests on a massive scale, and by doing so affect the global ecosystem, but above all the lives of the local farmers. They take water and drain the swamps for palms, destroying fruit trees and depriving the locals of food. Los Paveros have been relocated, threatened, and treated with brutal force, but risking their lives and health, they still come back to their ancestors’ land.  
Misael Payares, Etni and Edwin Torres, Efraim Alvear, who will appear at the festival – but also the other Los Paveros who are absent from Wrocław – are fighting for a decent life. They use only peaceful means of resistance, the most significant of which are their painfully honest and simple songs. They have been recognized as victims of violence by the national organization Unidad de Victimas, and their story was publicized by filmmakers who made a documentary about them (which will be screened at BF 2018). It enabled them to record a professional album and won them numerous awards. In 2013 they were recognized by the organization International Human Rights Forum seated in Lucerne and the Colombian Ministry of Culture. In the same year their song album was nominated for the Colombian equivalent of the Grammy award.  A year later their song Monchi Pavero, written by Edwin Torres about how farmers fight for their pacha mama (motherland), won the award. In 2015 they were guests at the Tbilisi Arts Triennial in Georgia, and the documentary about them won the audience award at the festival of Colombian films in Paris. 
This year Los Paveros por la tierra (The people of Las Pavas for the land) will appear at Brave Festival to sing for the Polish audience about their struggle. The performance Les voy a contar la historia / I will tell you the story will take the form of a chamber concert of traditional songs with the accompaniment of a guitar and a percussion instrument, interwoven with stories and video projections documenting the actions of the Colombian farmers. The documentary Tomorrow will come, directed by Ricardo Torres, will also be screened in Wrocław as part of the film section.