Anu Almagro | Visible / Invisible Soul

Saturday 14.07.2018
running time:
3 h
AST National Academy of Theatre Arts, Braniborska 59

60 - 140 PLN 

WORKSHOPS Brave Academy
phot. Reh Pert

Educated in Finland, and since 2007 acting in the Song of the Goat Theatre – Anu Almagro proposes to work with such elements as energy, rhythm, movement and sound in this workshop. All this to make contact with one’s soul and the soul of the “other”. Anu asks if it is possible, through deepened listening, to notice the reflection of our own soul in movement and sound created by another person. The dynamic practice will allow us to combine all these elements together and awaken our dormant senses. The participants will discover what the flow of common impulses in a group and between partners is. Ever since Anu Almagro started her artistic work she has been exploring traditional and authentic cultures, the energetic link created between the performers. On the basis of these experiences she has become a teacher of the Coordination Technique, which is used as a constant element of acting training at the Song of the Goat Theatre, and promotes this method through workshops all over the world.

The festival offers participation in one-, two- or three-day workshop sessions, depending on individual needs and capabilities. A full 3-day process will allow you to immerse yourself deeper into the Coordination training experience, participation in one or two days of the workshops can be treated as an introduction. During the in-depth workshop the participants will work with a text on combining voice and imagination. Those who choose this option are requested to learn by heart a short monologue important for them in their native language.

Required: comfortable clothes for freedom of movement
Workshop will be run in English, with translation into Polish possible.

Run by: Anu Almagro
14th, 15th, 16th July 2018, 10:00–13:00

The sign-up period lasts until 10th July subject to availability of places. Number of participants limited. You can sign up for one, two or three days of workshops. The recommended 3-day workshop, at a special price for sign-up until 30th June, PLN 100.

for a 3-day workshop (3 hrs a day) – PLN 140
for a 2-day workshop (3 hrs a day) – PLN 100
for a 1-day workshop (3 hrs a day) – PLN 60

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