Mélanie Lomoff | Explore your movement

Sunday 15.07.2018
running time:
5 h
AST National Academy of Theatre Arts, Braniborska 59

250 PLN 

WORKSHOPS Brave Academy

Workshop for professional modern dancers and dancers who employ elements of classical dance. The theme will be the interpretation of the title of this year’s Brave Festival: Visible/Invisible. The expected result will be a combination of individual work with group choreography.
Each day the workshops will start with a special 30-minute anatomical warm-up. The first day is devoted to choreographic research. Each of the participants has a chance to work on their own theme and choreography and will be able to develop it during the workshops. It is advisable to prepare a proposed theme in advance or start the classes with a pre-developed concept.
Mélanie: Participants will present their proposals in front of the group, I will also give dancers material to work on in order to direct group activities by giving them rhythm and spatial integrity. We will try out different ways of connecting dancers’ bodies in a network, or one organism, but at the same time keeping an individual approach to the theme. That is how we will investigate the effect of “visibility through accumulation” as juxtaposed with “invisibility through disappearing”.

On the last day we will present work in progress at the headquarters of the Song of the Goat Theatre, which will be the focal point of Brave Festival’s programme open to the public and showing the creative process on the Visible/Invisible theme.
Dancer and choreographer Mélanie Lomoff danced in the group Montalvo-Hervieu for 10 years and was awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris International Dance Competition in the “modern dance” category. In 2014 her solo Three studies of flesh premiered at Brave Festival. At this year’s edition she will perform with Indian classical dancer Rama Vaidyanathan. 


The sign-up period lasts until 8th July subject to availability of places. Number of participants limited.

Run by: Mélanie Lomoff
15th –18th July 2018, 10:00–13:00, 15:00–17:00, AST National Academy of Theatre Arts Braniborska Street
19th July 10:00–13:00, 15:00–17:00, 18:00 - finale presentation, Song of the Goat Theatre

sign-up until 8th July for a 5-day workshop (5 hrs a day) – PLN 250

More info at: workshops@bravefestival.pl



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