BRAVE PEOPLE: Good Postman

Sunday 15.07.2018
running time:
71 min
Lower Silesia Film Centre, room Warszawa, Piłsudskiego 64a

10*/15 PLN 

BRAVE: forbidden CINEMA
dir. Tonislav Hristov, Finland/Bulgaria 2016

One of the most original films referring to the refugee crisis in Europe. In a small Bulgarian village close to the Turkish border, elections for a mayor are approaching. Ivan, a local postman, decides to stand and during his campaign he introduces a plan to solve the problem of the village dying out with no prospects. He wants to invite refugees from war-stricken Syria. His opponent has got a different plan and instead wants to appeal to the longing for the “prosperity” of the former system. Who will be chosen mayor will be decided by the dwellers of this border village forgotten by policymakers, who build their view of the world – not only when it comes to refugees – on the basis of TV coverage. The director looks at the peripheries of Europe with kindness, showing the influence of great events on everyday human existence as well as the role of media coverage in shaping reality. Tonislav Hristov’s picture is one of the most renowned titles of last year, which was confirmed by its nomination for a European Film Award in the category of best documentary.

Movie in Bulgarian with Polish and English subtitles. 



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