Saturday 21.07.2018
running time:
75 min
Lower Silesia Film Centre, room Warszawa, Piłsudskiego 64a

10*/15 PLN 

BRAVE: forbidden CINEMA
dir. Kohki Hasei, Philippines/Italy/Japan 2015

Blanka (Cydel Gabutero) is 11 and lives in the slums of Manila, where she collects money to... buy herself a mother. If adults can buy a child in the Philippines, why wouldn’t homeless children be able to buy parents? On the way to fulfilling her goal the resolute girl makes friends with Sebastian, a boy riding a scooter, and Peter (Peter Millari), a blind street musician. The latter convinces her that some things cannot be bought. Will they make a substitute for a family together? It won’t be easy, because many dangers await the poor dwellers of the Philippine metropolis. However, the film made by Kohki Hasei, apart from the dangers, also shows the beauty of the world most people want to keep away from. The cast of Blanka, presented at the festival in Venice, almost entirely comprises people the young Japanese director met in the streets of Manila. He managed to extract their authentic acting talent. We especially invite families with children aged 9+ to watch the film.

Movie in Tagalog with Polish lector.