Ewelina Godlewska-Byliniak, Justyna Lipko-Konieczna | Regaining presence. Disability in theatre and performance.

Sunday 15.07.2018
Klub PROZA, Przejście Garncarskie 2

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Brave Contexts
guests: Ewelina Godlewska-Byliniak, Justyna Lipko-Konieczna, read by: Ewa Skibińska

One can risk the statement that in a while Polish disability studies will be divided into those before and those after the publication of the book Regaining presence. This pioneering study in Poland clearly fills a gap in the place and use of disability in modern theatre. As Tobin Siebers, quoted in the introduction to Regaining presence, writes: “Disability is not one subject of art among others. It is not merely a theme. It is not only a personal or autobiographical response embedded in the artwork. It is not solely a political act [...] it is an aesthetic value, which is to say, it participates in a system of knowledge, that provides materials for and increases critical consciousness about that way that some bodies make other bodies feel”.

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