Tadeusz Dębicki | Moienzi nzadi. At the Gates of Congo

Friday 20.07.2018
Klub PROZA, Przejście Garncarskie 2

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Brave Contexts
guest: Magda Podsiadły, read by: Ewa Skibińska

In 1928, Gebethner and Wolff published reporter Tadeusz Dębicki’s account of his journey to Congo, where he had set off to a year earlier as a sailor on a Belgian steamship. Almost 90 years later, on Mariusz Szczygieł`s initiative, the book was reprinted in the Faktyczny Dom Kultury series as a surprisingly modern – and anticolonial – literary proposition for those times. Dębicki shows his deep sensitivity to the misery of the Congolese people, and at the same time meticulously and vividly depicts the decline of this brutal Belgian colony.

Tadeusz Dębicki (1902–1952) studied at the Maritime School in Tczew. As a sailor in his twenties he wrote a diary of his journey to Rio de Janeiro (and back). After the war, when he became director of the Gdynia America Line shipping company, he never returned to writing.

The guest of the meeting will be Magda Podsiadły – a journalist from Wroclaw who graduated from Wroclaw University with a degree in Polish philology. For almost 10 years she was a co-author of the culture section in Gazeta Wyborcza. She spent her childhood in Western Africa (Conakry, Guinea). Apart from being a journalist, she works with reporting photography. All her exhibitions have been devoted to everyday life of African people.