Jean Hatzfeld | Blood Papa: Rwanda's New Generation

Saturday 21.07.2018
Klub PROZA, Przejście Garncarskie 2

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Brave Contexts
guest: Jacek Giszczak, read by: Ewa Skibińska

Although as a war correspondent and a reporter he described the birth of the Solidarity Movement, in Poland Jean Hatzfeld is first of all associated with his extraordinary, award-winning reportage trilogy about the Rwanda genocide. In Blood Papa: Rwanda's New Generation, his fifth book about Rwanda translated into Polish thanks to Czarne Publishing House, the author focuses on the descendants of Tutsi survivors and imprisoned Hutus. How do the children of participants of the “machete season” of 1994 imagine their future and deal with the inherited trauma? In 2010 Jean Hatzfeld was awarded the first edition of the Ryszard Kapuściński Award for The Antelope`s Strategy. 

The guest of the meeting will be Jacek Giszczak -  graduate of Secondary School of Fine Arts in Lublin. He graduated from the Catholic University of Lublin with diploma in Polish philology and Paris Sorbonne with a diploma in Literature. He translates French literature and specializes in black Francophone literature. Author of novels and lyrics of the group Felling Jackets.