Competition section of the BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA

9.05.2016, 10:00

7 films from around the world to compete for the Grand Prix at the BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA film preview.

7 films from around the world to compete for the Grand Prix at the BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA film preview.

The competition section will be featured for the first time during the upcoming refreshed edition of the BRAVE: Forbidden Film Preview in Wrocław. Under this initiative, 7 films from around the world will compete for the audience's vote and the Grand Prix — 4,000 euros.

The BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA Firm Preview will be held between 1st and 14th of July in Wrocław.


The Forbidden Cinema contest is a complete novelty and makes the most important part of Brave Festival. The section consists of 7 exceptional, carefully-selected works form around the world — Guatemala to Mali. Although none of them have been screened in Poland for a broader audience, they have stirred sensation around the world, have been awarded at major international film festivals awards, gained admiration, and provoked discussions.

The films in the contest — brave formally or thematically — present various dimensions of exclusion; they tackle sensitive issues, break the taboo. Some of them were created by nonconformist artists, such as Oleg Mavromatti (No Place for Fools) from Russia, other support the struggle for being able to freely locate one's own feelings regardless of tribal traditions (Tanna) or health (Paris 05:59). Other works approach issues forbidden in Iran (Raving Iran) or Mali (They Will Have To Kill Us First), portrait forbidden, or 'illegal', people — the excluded in contemporary world. We will see them in such works as the famous winner of the Golden Bear in Berlin Fuocoammare, Fire at Sea, or Ixcanul — a poetic work dealing with the issue of human trafficking in Guatemala.

The Grand Prix will be awarded to the film with the strongest appreciation of the audience. The winner will receive 4,000 euros.


List of films selected to the competition section:

Ixcanul, dir. Jayro Bustamante, Guatemala, France 2015
Tanna, dir. Bentley Dean, Martin Butler, Australia, Vanuatu 2015
They will have to kill us first, dir. Johanna Schwartz Great Britain, Mali 2016
No Place for Fools, dir. Oleg Mavromatti, Russia, Bulgaria 2015
Fuocoammare. Fire at sea, dir. Gianfranco Rosi, Italy, France 2016
Raving Iran, dir. Susanne Regina Meures, Switzerland 2016
Paris 05:59, dir. Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau, France 2016