„I'm constantly on the beginning of his artistic path"

14.01.2016, 10:00

Grzegorz Bral about the Brave Festival, Brave Kids and Song of the Goat Theatre in the interview for Gazeta Prawna

 - More and more often I hear that I have a "business mind". I'm not sure what this might involve. If we assume that the businessman is not only a man who multiplies money, but also the ideas, it could mean that I really am an entrepreneur. Business in culture must be carried out with the knowledge that money is less important than the achieved results, and that the profit in this business is for example the prestige of Polish culture - says Grzegorz Bral, the director of the Brave Festival, Brave Kids and Song of the Goat Theatre.

Read more: http://kultura.gazetaprawna.pl/artykuly/916811,grzegorz-bral-teatr-piesn-kozla-wroclaw-brave-festival-wywiad.html