End of the 12. edition of Brave Festival!

16.07.2016, 10:00
phot. Mateusz Bral

The Final Show "Exhausting Space" of Iván Pérez / Korzo Producties enchanted the audience on the Brave Festival. "Exhausting Space" is the last production created by Pérez in cooperation with Dutch company Korzo.

The play is about the relationships and their different aspects - from vicinity to aggression and humiliation, intimacy and social environment. He addresses the problem of crossing the boundaries between people in both positive and negative sense.

Pérez’s choreography is immediately recognizable thanks to the unusual physical and emotional intensity and great artistry. In the most recent play three dancers, including the artist Iván Pérez, are moving to the rhythm of hugs, catching each other, pushing themselves back and building variable tension in their relations. Their pure and simple, perfect dance movement hypnotizes the viewer, seduces with the contrast of delicacy, sensitivity, strength and determination.

The show feels even more dramatic thanks to the music by the Dutch creator of electronic music Rutger Zuyderveldt.


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