Brave Kids Final Show

27.10.2016, 15:59
phot. Mateusz Bral

PASCAL PRODUCTION LAB prepared for us the memory of the Brave Kids Funal Show.

Brave Kids final show one of a kind performance that represents in itself the artistic talents of children, their young spirit and amity. There`s nothing more  fascinating and convincing  than  to see  the show created by 120 kids from different cultures and social backgrounds as an evidence that it`s possible to make a difference and create a better world based on tolerance, sensitivity, compassion, and cooperation. For most of the young artists and their leaders it was the first opportunity to take part in prestige professional artistic event  in front of a wide audience on the  big stage. This final performance was the best way to spread the information about children artistic activities that was organized through Brave Festival so far. Brave Kids final show was a mixture of cultures, colourful traditional outfits, a wide variety of artistic techniques and folk music which represent nations and cultures Brave Kids come from.