Film from the Official closing of the BRAVE TOGETHER

14.11.2016, 17:33
phot. Ewa Budnik

See the film from the official closing of the Brave Together project!

The official closing of the BRAVE TOGETHER project took place on October 31, 2016 in Barbara and it was a pretext to present to the audience the artistic achievements and creative attempts of the BRAVE TOGETHER participants. The event was attended by many friends, supporters and relatives of the participants. It was an opportunity for socialising, networking and exchanging.


Filmmaker: Paulina Wierzgacz


The intention of the Brave Together project, which started in April 2016, was an integration of people without and with disabilities through a series of photography and sound workshops. Brave Together events took place over a few months. This created an opportunity for in-depth, real integration of all people involved (participants with and without disabilities, people conducting meetings, therapists, and volunteers) and their cultural education. It was also a chance to work together in order to present the artistic results of the project in a final show scheduled for October 2016. This just-completed project Brave Together was a multi-level initiative, ranging from the artistic activities of non-disabled and disabled people, through their active participation in culture, up to the possibility of presenting their acts to the public.