Albino Revolution Cultural Troupe first time in Europe

1.06.2018, 18:00
phot. Vaida Blazyte

We know new artists who will perform at this year`s Brave Festival – the albinos from Tanzania. They represent the Albino Revolution Cultural Troupe, a group active for almost 20 years, for whom art has become a tool to fight the destitution and discrimination of people suffering from albinism. 

The population of Tanzanian albinos is a social group constantly fearing for their lives. Not only in Tanzania, but also in Congo or Burundi still prevails the belief that charms and potions made of parts of their bodies have supernatural power. Kidnapping, mutilation and murder of the albinos are common practices.

The Albino Revolution Cultural Troupe was formed in 2000 by the artist and albino from Dar es-Salaam - Tito Davida Ntanga. Currently it comprises 10 people suffering from albinism. Their mission is to fight prejudice and begin a social revolution, included in the group`s name, which will change the fate of the Tanzanian albinos. To challenge the existing stereotypes and educate African people, the artists play traditional drums and sing regional songs about pride and the acceptance of one`s otherness. 

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