Brave: Forbidden Cinema

8.04.2016, 10:00

During the upcoming edition of Brave Festival refreshed formula of film review will have its debut

BRAVE: Forbidden Cinema, held July 1-14, will feature films from around the world, approximating the culture and history, the work often banned, censored and controversial.

Film review will be opened by  Rae Berger  movie "Purity", the first in the history of cinema film banned for reasons of morals.


BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA will present films from different parts of the world, created in a variety of languages ​​and techniques, approximating native culture, their stories and new developments within them. What is new is the focus on the cinema forbidden, censored controversial, exceeding the existing taboo in .  BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA will have a formula of biennale, presenting every second year a wide panorama of contemporary African cinema. The concept of BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA was prepared by a film critic and  expert Adam Kruk and animator of culture, associated with the Wroclaw Film Foundation, Lech Moliński.
The opening film of BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA will be "Purity" created by the actor and director Rae Berger in 1916. The festival provides a unique opportunity to - the centenary of its premiere  - see the first in the history of cinema film banned for reasons of morals. Silent movie was long considered as lost - until 2004, when a copy was found in France. The show will be accompanied by live music.

photo Mateusz Bral

This year, for the first time we will have enter a contest section. Seven selected films from around the world - from Guatemala to Mali - corresponding with the theme of this year's Brave Festival - Outcasts - will compete for the prize of 4 000 euros, awarded by audience.

Films will be presented also in several other sections, oscillating around the theme forbidden cinema. In the Forbidden Love section there will be shown different dimensions of love forbidden socially, culturally, as well as movies prohibited due to severe eroticism . Besides waiting for us an overview of the lesser-known Polish films that communist censorship did not allow for distribution in theaters. Among them a restored version of "On the Silver Globe" by recently deceased Andrzej Zulawski, combined with an exhibition of costumes from the film at the Centre for Audiovisual Technologies and the "Long Night" Janusz Nasfeter - an outstanding film never discovered by mass audiences.